There have been some concerns lately about the number of people who are breeding dogs where they cannot then register the puppies with the Kennel Club. There will be good reasons for this as the Kennel Club work to a code of ethics to protect dogs. Reasons can include breeding from bitches who are far too young, far too old, have had too many litters, close inbreeding for example brother to sister, and dogs who have been endorsed by their breeder. Endorsement protects the dog from being bred from if it is not suitable through health, condition, conformation, or sometimes if dogs are sold on, and then get into the wrong hands where they will be bred time and time again. Most breeders endorse their puppies, but they are happy to lift this endorsement if they are comfortable that owners are having all the appropriate health checks done and then choosing the best mating for their dog or bitch. Most breeders will be only too glad to advise on these issues and help make the most appropriate mating to match up with your dog’s pedigree, we all had to start somewhere so don’t be frightened to go back to your dog’s breeder for advice.

Most of you reading this will be asking lots of questions before selecting your puppy, but there are still many people who will be attracted to a reduced price or the promise of may be being able to register a puppy at a later date. If you have any uncertainties about a puppy seller please contact us or the ISCGB.





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In order to advertise litters of puppies on this site the dam and sire must have been hip scored, the dam is to have been at least 2 years of age before she had her first litter and the breeder is to have followed the ISCGB guidelines on breeding from possible CA lines. If you are interested in becoming a Spinone owner we are always happy to offer help and advice and give you details of breeders who, to the best of our knowledge, follow the criteria mentioned previously.

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To add details of puppies for sale and dogs in need of a new home please e-mail details to SpinoneUK@aol.com or telephone 01403 266757.

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