Before you buy a Spinone puppy there are a few points that need to be considered.

Have you looked at several litters?

Take along someone who knows what to look for if you want a puppy to show or work.

Spinone live an average of 10 - 12 years so consider carefully if you are prepared for that sort of commitment. (Information about what life is like when a Spinone moves into your home will be linked from our site in the near future!)

Things to look for when choosing a puppy:

  • Puppies should always be with their mother. Ask to see a picture of the sire if possible.
  • Have the parents been hip scored and do they have current eye certificates?
  • Has the breeder followed the guidelines relating to CA? (Cerebellar Ataxia is a neurological disease affecting young dogs under one year old - full information about this disease can be found on the ISCGB web site.
  • Are the pups happy, clean and bright eyed?
When you have chosen your puppy (or it has chosen you!) a deposit will probably be required by the breeder. It is inadvisable for the puppy to leave for its new home before it is seven weeks old.


When you pick up your puppy you should be given details of the following:

  • A diet sheet which should give details of current feeding and suggested feeding for the future. The breeder will usually supply you with a sample of puppy food to take home if you ask them.
  • Details of worming - when it was last wormed and when your puppy is due to be wormed again.
  • A pedigree certificate/hip score certificate for the sire and dam if available.
  • Insurance certificate - most breeders are able to offer a free six week insurance certificate.
  • Kennel Club registration if available or to follow. Without KC registration dogs cannot be shown.
  • A good breeder should issue you with a contract of sale.

When you collect your puppy take a helper with you if possible and a good supply of towels as your puppy will probably not travel well.

Take your puppy along to your own vet for a thorough check up.

Stay in touch with the breeder - they should be eager to provide any help you may need and be prepared to take the puppy back should you come up against an insurmountable problem. Good breeders will also be willing to help find a new home for an older dog if an owner's circumstances should necessitate parting with their dog.

Remember that Italian Spinone puppies grow into large active dogs so training and socialising must start as soon as possible.

The Southern Italian Spinone Society is here to help you - if you would like any help or advice regarding the purchase of a puppy please contact us. Prospective owners are always welcome to come along to any of our events where they will have the chance to meet Spinoni of all ages and chat to owners.

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