The first visit by Italian Spinoni to these shores was by a pair of males imported in the 1950's by Semprini, the musician. Unfortunately, these dogs did not make a lasting impact on the British dog scene as one died here in kennels whilst the other one was transported back to Italy much to the disappointment of the musician. It was a further twenty odd years, in 1981, before the breed became established when four dogs were imported into this country by Dr Ruth Tattersall and Mary Moore of the Odivane affix that the breed was finally accepted and since then has gone from strength to strength. In fact, since 1982 there have been over 4,600 dogs registered with the Kennel Club.

This is a breed that, although relatively new to this country is, in fact, an ancient breed of gun dog in his own country of origin, Italy, where he is a valued worker and it is his unique fast trotting movement that enables him to cover a large area while working. In this country he is a member of the Hunt, Point and Retrieve group of gun dogs and his harsh coat and thick skin enables him to face cover that would daunt a less protected breed. He is also a willing worker in water and his large feet allow him to traverse marshy ground with ease.

The Spinone has a gentle nature and makes an ideal companion who does not take easily to kennel life. He has a 'human expression' often remarked on by people meeting him for the first time. He gets on extremely well with children and makes an ideal family dog but do bear in mind that he is a GUN DOG and easily becomes bored. Therefore, ample exercise is essential otherwise you will see the destructive and thieving part of his otherwise lovable nature. He is also not the kind of dog that you can yell and shout at but he will respond easily to a quiet firm tone. It is recommended that he be socialised from an early age and obedience training is also recommended as with any breed he likes to think he is the boss.

The Spinone is a big dog, the males reaching 27.5" at the withers and his weight can easily exceed 40kg with the females being a bit smaller. He can have rather a long coat which will need hand stripping and this comes in either pure white, white with orange markings, orange roan, white with brown markings and brown roan. He also has a moustache and beard which not all people appreciate as he is prone to 'slobber' which he can flick into amazing places. He is well known as a food thief and whilst he does tend to calm down as he matures this is a trait that seems to stay with him throughout his life.

Finally, if you feel that this is the breed for you try and see as many adult dogs as you can before you see those adorable bundles of fur that will tug your heart and make you part with your pennies!